Friday, March 31, 2017

Fiocchi Subsonic Hollow Point 22LR Ammunition Test and Review

The next stop in my search for 22 LR subsonic small game hunting ammunition brings me to Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 40 grain lead hollow point.  You can currently find this ammunition for about 10 cents per round at various on-line ammunition retailers.  This ammunition is made in the USA by Fiocchi of America in Ozark, Missouri.

While very familiar with Fiocchi centerfire ammunition, this was my first opportunity to gel test their rimfire ammunition.  The ammunition tested was purchased in 2017 so it should represent current production ammunition available on retailer shelves as of the date of this test publication.

Velocity, accuracy, function, and terminal performance testing were all done in a Ruger 10/22 Carbine with 18.5 inch barrel at a distance of 25 yards.  The testing results are documented in the video and data sheet immediately below.

Direct Link to Video on Youtube

Wrap Up:
In the video I just couldn't keep myself from using the word "consistent" as I described the performance of this ammunition.  25 yard velocity was right on target with the 1050 feet per second muzzle velocity published for this load.  Across all test shots, the ammunition reliably fed, fired, extracted, and cycled the action of the semi-auto test rifle. The terminal performance was very good with all bullets expanding to at least 1.5 times starting diameter and penetrating between 9 and 10 inches.

Practical accuracy is what sold me on this load.  The 25 yard ten shot test group measured .439" and can be easily covered with a dime.  Accuracy performance may be different from other rifles, but the field-grade Ruger 10/22 used for this test seems to like it very much.

I recently completed building and reviewing my ultimate lightweight small game hunting rifle.  I was a little disappointed in the accuracy results I achieved with this rifle when testing various subsonic ammunition during the review.  I had to chance to run this load through the rifle several weeks later and was very pleased with the performance. Shooting standing off hand from 25 and 50 yards, I ran a 10 round magazine through the rifle at both distances.  All 20 bullets found their mark on the steel plate, so the 16.5" Tactical Solutions X-Ring barrel also seems to like this load.  I think I have found my new small game hunting ammunition.

If you are looking for a subsonic small game hunting load, you should definitely check out the Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 40 Grain Subsonic LHP.  

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