Monday, May 1, 2017

Norma Subsonic-22 LHP Ammunition Test and Review

Subsonic-22, from Norma USA, is a 40 grain lead hollow point load intended for small game hunting and varmint control.  Subsonic velocity makes this round a lower noise option over high velocity ammunition.  This load is also a good choice for use with suppressors.

Norma USA ammunition is produced by RUAG.  RUAG also produces RWS rimfire ammunition.  For those with a keen eye, you can see that the Norma brass cases share the same headstamp as RWS ammunition.  I purchased the ammunition used in this test from Graf's earlier this year.  I believe it was fresh ammunition and should represent inventory currently available at retail locations throughout the US.

Velocity, accuracy, function, and terminal performance testing were all done in a Ruger 10/22 Carbine with 18.5 inch barrel at a distance of 25 yards.  The testing results are documented in the video and data sheet immediately below.  You may need to click on the data sheet image to enlarge it for better visibility.

Direct Link to Video on YouTube

Wrap Up:
Norma Subsonic-22 performed great in this test.  I was well on my way to a one ragged hole 25 yard accuracy test, but blew it on the last shot.  Even with the flier, the group still fits under a dime.

Functionally, this subsonic load had no difficulty cycling the action of my semi-auto rifle. That's good news because not all subsonic rimfire ammunition will function reliably in semi-auto firearms.

Terminal performance was very consistent across all 5 test shots.  Each bullet expanded fully and penetrated to a depth of at least 8.75 inches.

At current prices, expect to pay around 16 cents per round for this ammunition when purchased by the 50 count box.  It's a little cheaper if you buy it by the 10 box brick.  If you are looking for reduced noise small game hunting ammunition, Norma Subsonic-22 should be on your list of ammunition to try in your rifle.  You may get even better results than I did.


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