Friday, September 18, 2015

New Browning Buckmark Mods from TandemKross

The motto at TANDEMKROSS is "making good guns great".  Since their inception, they continue to expand their catalog of add-on or replacement parts for many different firearms.  I was very pleased to see their latest press release on their first two enhancements for Browning Buckmark pistols.  Rather than paraphrase Bryan Haaker, Business Development Manager at TK, I'll let him tell you about the two new products in his own words.

First up is the "halo" Charging Ring for the Browning Buck Mark.  Attaching to the new standardized bolt of the modern Buck Mark, there is no need to be struggling with those hard to grip bolt ears. Speed shooters, juniors or those with arthritic hands can now simply use a single finger and pull back to charge this fantastic pistol.

Second I would like to introduce the "Buck Pro" Extended Base Pad for the Browning Buck Mark. Now Buck Mark users can confidently seat their magazines consistently the first time.  In addition, if they get stuck in the mag well with an accidental soft push of the magazine release, stylish grip pulls make it super simple to yank it free.  Not to mention, they just look AWESOME ;)

Retail prices for the "halo" Charging Ring and "Buck Pro" Extended base pad are $49.99 and $9.99.  These items are currently available from TANDEMKROSS through their webstore.  TANDEMKROSS is currently offering free shipping on all orders that include either of these two new Buckmark items.

You can bet that we will be reviewing these items soon.  Gotta get past NSSF Rimfire Challenge Worlds first.

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  1. This is one of the most elegant solutions to the problem of the hard to rack Buckmark. it is simple to install not requiring a gunsmith. The problem with the "halo" is it only fits a limited group of guns, I have a 20 year old gun it won't fit and a 6 m0nth old gun it won't fit. A little modification to make it fit a wider range of slides and it would sell like hotcakes,