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Competition Shooter Profile - Aimee Williams

Photo by Jake Wyman
Name:  Aimee Williams
Home State:  Idaho
Years Shooting:  4
Years Competing:  3
Competition Types:  Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge, USPSA

Notable Awards and Competition Placements:
2013 10th place Lady’s Division - Ruger Rimfire Challenge, Parma Rod and Gun Club, Parma, Idaho. Competitors 136.
2014 1st place Lady’s Open Division, 2nd place Overall - Shoot for a Cure, (proceeds go to breast cancer screening for underinsured and uninsured women), Nampa Rod and Gun Club, Nampa, Idaho. Competitors 168.
2014 4th place Lady’s Open Division, 35th Overall - Idaho NSSF Rimfire Challenge, Parma Rod and Gun Club, Parma, Idaho. Competitors 136.
2015 1st place Lady’s Division, 28th Overall – NSSF Rimfire Challenge Northwest Championship, Parma Rod and Gun Club, Parma, Idaho. Competitors 168.
2015 1st place Lady’s Rifle Open Division – Season Points Race Idaho Steel Challenge, Nampa Rod and Gun Club, Nampa, Idaho. Competitors 386.
2015 1st place Lady’s Pistol Open Division – Season Points Race Idaho Steel Challenge, Nampa Rod and Gun Club, Nampa, Idaho. Competitors 386.
2015 4th place Lady’s Open Division, 48th Overall – NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship, Old Fort Gun Club, Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Competitors 202.

Photo by Ron Stricklin
NSSF Rimfire Challenge Class Preference:  Open
Gear Rundown:
Pistol – Ruger 22/45 Lite Frame with a Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite 4.5” Threaded Barrel
Allchin Pac-Lite Compensator
Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Ruger Intergal Scope Base
Tandemkross “Eagle’s Talon” Extractor
Tandemkross Extended Magazine Release
Tandemkross “Firer Starter” Titanium Firing Pin
Tandemkross “Kanewolf” Sling Shot Part Kit
Tandemkross Magazine Disconnect Bushing
Volquartsen  Accurizing Kit
Vortex Optics Red Dot 6MOA

Photo by Ron Stricklin
Rifle – Tactical Solutions X-Ring with Vantage RS Stock
Allchin 22 Rim-Fire Rifle Compensator
Vortex Optics Red Dot 6MOA

Ammunition Preference: CCI Standard Velocity

Tactical Solutions, Vortex Optics, Tandemkross, Larry’s Sporting Goods, and Allchin Gun Parts

Photo by Oleg Volk
Please describe yourself in 200 words or less.
I grew up in Oregon, Colorado, and Idaho where I have resided since 1982.  My grandparents had a 40 acre farm in Nampa where I spent much of my time.  I grew up an only child and believed that whatever I took on I would give it my all and strive to be the best I could be. I studied at BSU where I earned my BBA in CIS.  I got married and had twin boys, who have grown into amazing young adults.  Working full time at a local hospital and raising twins as a single mother didn't allow much, if any free time.  I'm not complaining, I loved participating at my boys' school and attending their school functions as well as hanging out with them and planning varied experiences with them.  I believe in giving anything I do my all and strive to become the best I can be.

Do you enjoy any other hobbies?
I love spending time with my kids and their friends. I love spending time with my friends and my dog. I enjoy taking photos and traveling.

How did you get started competing in Rimfire Challenge?
It wasn't until I got married and my then husband took me out to do a little bit of target shooting and took me on a few hunting trips.  I still didn't really feel compelled to do more shooting and certainly not on my own.  Time went on and I became a single mother of twin boys who, without consent, became independent young teenagers.  Their father took them shooting and hunting and my boys really wanted to share their enjoyment of shooting with me.  In 2012 my boys took me shooting for Mother's Day!  They were very excited and hopeful I would love shooting.  I was more concerned with being safe and felt a little unsure as they lead me through target shooting.  That was the beginning.  I found a local indoor gun range and set up time for myself to learn to be safe and decided I loved shooting.

In the spring of 2013, I started competing at local Steel Challenge Matches.  I shot my first year of Steel Challenge with that pistol and still have it as the serial numbers coordinate with my son’s birthdate.  That fall I wanted to shoot in the Ruger Rimfire Challenge in Parma, Idaho.  Since I only owed a pistol, the same indoor gun range built a 10/22 rifle for me to compete in that match.  After shooting the Rimfire Challenge I was hooked and wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle.

Photo by Nelson Dymond
Any advice you would like to give to new competitors just starting out with Rimfire Challenge?
Make sure that your rifle stock fits you properly and that you have good equipment. Make sure that your guns like the ammo that you purchase. Decide if you want to shoot Open or Limited and buy equipment accordingly. Ask a lot of question. Have Fun.

How do you practice and prepare for competitions?
Practice every week and sometime several times a week; decide what you are going to practice before you get to the range.

What do you enjoy most about NSSF Rimfire Challenge competition?
I am able to shoot two guns, the camaraderie, the feeling that I have a “shooting family”.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or recognize?
I would like to thank my boys for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams and having confidence in my abilities.  Justin especially encouraged me from the beginning even before I knew I even had any talent shooting.  My dear friend Cindy has been a constant support during my indoor practice sessions.  My fiancé Jim’s support means the world to me.  His knowledge of guns and assistance in getting my equipment and being by my side as my gunsmith is incredible.  Mike for helping me get one of my first sponsorships.  I would especially like to thank Ron Stricklin, who is not only my mentor and coach; he has become a dear friend.  Everyone that is supportive of me and believes in me.

I would also like to thank my sponsors: Tactical Solutions, Chet Alvord; Tandemkross, Bryan Haaker and Jake Wyman; Vortex Optics; Larry’s Sporting Goods; Allchin Gun Parts, John Allchin.

If you would like to know more about Aimee and follow her competition updates, you can find her Facebook Page at Aimee Williams – Competitive Shooter

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