Sunday, October 18, 2015

22 LR Ammo Test - CCI Velocitor 40 Grain CP HP

CCI Velocitor is the fastest of the five 22 LR loads classified as Small Game ammunition.  The heavy 40 grain hollow point bullet is driven to 1435 feet per second velocity, which puts it between the high velocity and hyper velocity CCI loads.  The Velocitor features a unique copper plated hollow point bullet that was derived from Gold Dot bullet technology even though it looks nothing like the 40 grain Gold Dot bullet loaded in the Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 22 WMR load.  I've never shot this particular load before, so I was very interested to see how it performed.

Following the previously established test
protocol, I used a Ruger 10/22 as the test rifle and all shots were taken at a range of 25 yards.

I had a little problem with the chronograph catching the velocity of all test shots due to the angle of the sun.  I ended up taking ten test shots to capture baseline velocity and all shots settled into a group of just less than .7 inches.  I usually only shoot five shots for the group.  This load appears to be sufficiently accurate for small game hunting.

After swapping the Clear Ballistics gel block for the target, I ran four test shots into the 6"x6"x16" clear gel.  The high-speed camera captured four very impressive temporary expansion cavities.  Even though two of our four test shots exited the gel block and were not recovered, it certainly appears that all four expanded uniformly across a narrow band of velocities between 1297 and 1317 feet per second.

My Thoughts on this Test
High velocity with controlled expansion and deep penetration are all great things to find in a small game hunting load.  The accuracy of this load in my 10/22 was also "good enough" for the intended purpose.  It may not deliver tack driving accuracy, but it will most assuredly ruin a rabbit or squirrel's day.

Final Verdict
Brick-Worthy  This is certainly a small game hunting load to buy by the brick.  It delivers exceptional down range energy and uniform expansion.  A video recap of the test is included below.
Direct Link To Video On YouTube


  1. Very good review. I checked them out in a 6" bbl revolver when they first came out Promising small game/varmint load.

  2. I've always been really happy with them, though I've not run across any for sale in years.

  3. May be my old eyes but doesn't that caliper read .78?

    1. It's still in the 6's and heading for the 7's when the arm swings up to the 0.

  4. These are extremely accurate in my CZ 452 Varmint. I can plan on .5" groups at 50 yards. Haven't tried them hunting yet, but I have started to stock up for this purpose.